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Photographer Arrested for Imaginary Crime, Let Go After Torture Session at the Saint Roberts Police Department

From YouTube: Local Police fail to understand the law when they arrest citizen for an imaginary crime, only to let him go with no charges.  Cannot wait to hear the excuses from the Chief of Police and City Attorney

Published on Jun 11, 2018

Here I conducted a first amendment audit of the Ft Leonard Wood army post in St. Robert, MO. I initially thought it was a pass on the part of the military police. Little did I know they had called in the local police. The local police had zero knowledge of the law and even told me that federal code supercedes our amendments. I was stunned. Officer Smith of the St. Robert, Missouri police along with officer Mendez and another unnamed officer rushed me, grabbed me and then put me in handcuffs while informing me I was under arrest for a violating 18 USC 795, a federal code and for failure to comply. The cuffs were put on in a purposefully painful way and I was left to sweat in the back of a sweltering police car with no air conditioning. I was transported to their PD and forced to ID. They were going to force me to do so by involuntary fingerprinting. Ultimately, they released me without charges after an hour or so of empty threats and attempts to rattle me. It’s unacceptable that a police officer would be so ignorant of the law he’s tasked to enforce or so corrupt that he imposes his will instead of law. I’m certain I know which these officers are and I hope they have good attorneys. They’re going to learn that can’t violate people’s rights and that our “amendments” actually mean something. St. Robert, Missouri Police 573-451-2000 Chief Curtis Curenton 573-336-4700 Ft Leonard Wood military Police 573-596-6141 Please help keep me fighting for your rights…