Tucson police chief pulled over by his own Agency for running a Red Light

Body camera footage showed a Tucson officer pulling over his police chief and it’s pretty funny.

The video showed the officer as he approached the SUV driven by Police Chief Chris Magnus after the chief allegedly ran a red light in the unmarked city vehicle.

There was a smile on the chief’s face as the officer greeted him.

“I saw you there, but I wouldn’t have gone through if I didn’t think it was still yellow,” Magnus said laughing at the situation.

“Sorry about that, looked like it was red,” the officer said.

After they talked about the incident for a moment, the officer got to work and asked the chief for his license and registration.

“How’s your day going, though, besides this?” the officer asked awkwardly as Magnus fumbled around for his information.

After he found everything, Magnus handed the officer his papers.

“I’m gonna go ahead and guess the insurance is good then right, sir?” the officer said after glancing at the papers for a moment.

“Yeah, I think so,” the chief answered, taking his license and registration back.

The officer began to walk away before the police chief beckoned him back to ask for his name and shake his hand.

“I appreciate that you’re doing traffic enforcement, thank you,” Magnus said.