Verdict In on Copwatcher vs. San Diego Police Tyrant | 1st. Amendment Case

COPWATCH LOGO.png On June 1, 2017 Ed Forman was accused of using Vulgar Language and Disorderly Conduct during an interaction with San Diego Police Officer Scott Pickard.

Edward plead not guilty and agreed to defend himself using his spouse, Michaela Glover as a witness.

Officer Pickard testified that he saw Edward on a city sidewalk behind the Central City Police Station in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego, using crude gestures and yelling at him Officer Pickard testified that he chose to escalate that interaction by crossing the street and engaging with Edward and later his wife. Ms. Glover testified that her husband was singled out for his police accountability activism.

Both Edward and Michaela are dedicated CopWatchers who monitor police activity in their neighborhood.

screenshot_20171117_213358Edward was allowed to show Commissioner Blair a three minute video that depicts the tense scene When asked if he was familiar with the video Officer Pickard replied, “you mean the one that’s been on YouTube one hundred times?”, indicating that he is familiar with Edwards activism.

Commissioner Blair was also presented with several examples of case law that support the right of U.S. citizens to be vocally critical of their government in public settings.

When allowed to rebut his case Officer Pickard choose to denigrate Edward by saying, “I can’t believe I have to stand here and listen to him lie through his teeth.”

Commissioner Blair agreed to consider the charges and told Edward to expect a ruling by mail. He did not mention the process for appeal. Copwatcher Ed Forman has been found Not Guilty on all charges

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