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A man who likes to record his interactions with police on social media filed a formal complaint Monday against a DeSoto officer who pointed a weapon at him over the weekend.

Charles Dominguez, with his attorney by his side, said he now fears for his safety after having a weapon pointed at him as he rode his BMX bike in the parking lot of a shopping center on Saturday.

Dominguez told WFAA he started recording on Saturday because he saw a DeSoto officer in the parking lot.

“I do what I want to on my videos,” Dominguez said. “But I can see I can get in big trouble.”

The video Dominguez posted to YouTube on Saturday shows a DeSoto Police SUV turn in the parking lot and Dominguez following on his bike.

The vehicle then brakes and the officer steps out of the vehicle and draws down on Dominguez.

The 30-something BMX enthusiast can be heard shouting back “I’m just riding my bike”.

We showed the video to retired Arlington PD Assistant Chief James Hawthorne.  The current top cop at Cedar Hill ISD says viewing the video raises some immediate questions and concerns.

“Officers should not just get out and point their guns at people just because they’re being videoed,” Hawthorne said. “No, that should never happen.”

Hawthorne adds while we do not know what happened before Dominguez started recording, nothing in the 2-minute video appears to convey a life-threatening situation that would warrant an officer preparing to use deadly force.

DeSoto Police acknowledged the video on Monday, saying on social media “the incident is currently under review.”

Dominguez was arrested January 29 in the lobby of Desoto PD for “interfering with public duties”, related to his filming of officers according to his attorney Corwyn Davis.

“You can try to paint the picture that this is a guy that’s being annoying and cussing at cops (on YouTube) and all that stuff but ultimately it does not matter,” Davis said. “If you or I did that (pointed a gun) we’d get arrested.”

This afternoon Dominguez filed a formal complaint against the officer who pointed a gun at him on his bike.

DeSoto Police have not identified the officer but did tell WFAA the officer has not been placed on administrative leave.