WATCH: dash-cam video of a deputy-involved shooting in Escambia County, Florida.

This video played a key role in the state’s decision that the shooting was justified. The shooting in Warrington happened back in October.. Multiple deputies responded and the suspect, Demetric Cartettold, them he had a gun. In the video deputies repeatedly order him to get on the ground but he refuses.

It all happened fast. The suspect reached for his gun and that’s when one of the deputies tased him. The suspect fired his gun and the deputies returned fire. The suspect continued to fire as he fell to the ground, then dropped the gun. At first glance it might’ve looked like blood on the wall behind the suspect.  slow down the video. It’s actually a bullet striking the wall. The Florida State Attorney’s office ruled the shooting justified saying it will not take action against the deputies.

WARRINGTON, Florida (WKRG) The State Attorney’s office says an October shooting involving the Escambia County Shreriff’s Office was justified. Demetric Carter was injured in the shooting. The office says the investigation is now closed.