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UPDATE: Palm Springs, California Hero Police Officer Burton, Caught On Video Violating Journalist’s Rights

The Palm Springs Police Department Responds through local media:

Palm Springs Police Department responding to incident shown in Youtube video

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Palm Springs police are addressing a video posted to Youtube this weekend, officials said.

In the video, an unidentified man visits the Palm Springs Police Department and claims to be doing a First Amendment audit to determine if officers are respecting his First Amendment rights.

Here is what Palm Springs Police Public Information Sgt. William Hutchinson said about the incident:

“During this incident, a person claiming to be a First Amendment activist, who visits government facilities and police departments for the purpose of testing the response by officers, was contacted by officers. There’s an exchange of conversation between the officer and individual, and this interaction is the point of concern for those who have responded to or commented on this video,” he said.

Hutchinson said, “The Palm Springs Police Department prides itself on professionalism and like any organization is not void of mistakes.  Chief Bryan Reyes and his staff are aware of the contents in the video and a full review of the incident is underway.”

Hutchinson also said that if it is determined the incident was not handled appropriately by officers, the department will correct the mistakes accordingly.

Here is the video:

comment here at the PSPD Facebook Page :