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tiggermatty: Montgomery, Texas sheriff harassment, Deputy Caught Lying on Dash Cam Video

Published on Dec 12, 2017

So, I just moved to North of Houston and was pulled over by this sheriff who tried to tell me that I wasn’t wearing my seat belt when I WAS, (LONGER VERSION HERE: and probably would have given me a ticket if I didn’t tell him I had a camera… AND here is the video of the engine light going back off 6 minutes before the cop pulled me over: I was not speeding. He pulled me over because I am driving one of my husbands Dealership cars. When he asked me if it was my car, I said yes, as in, I didn’t steal it, we bought it. So he then tried to make me look like a liar and then told me to get this car that we are trying to sell a permanent license plate for it. For one, it is totally legal to drive with a dealer tag when you are going to sell it. The car IS NOT IN MY NAME but the dealers, and inspection and everything is done by law and there was nothing unlawful here. There are so many things here that disturb me. For one, the lying. It’s pretty obvious I was wearing a seat belt with a white shirt on and a black belt across me, so that was a flat out lie from the cop. I have great respect for cops, because I would like to believe that most put their life on their line for our safety and are honest. This cop was obviously NOT honest. Dishonest cops need to be removed from their position, they are in the WRONG business, if you are going to pull over a law-abiding citizen and give them hell as well as flat out lie to them. For all the GOOD and DECENT cops out there… sorry guys like this have to give you a bad name.