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The Tyrants of Lyon County Utilities : Sunrie 1st Amendment Audit – Lyon County Public Works – Beaten up and Arrested!

Published on Jan 7, 2018

I audit the Lyon County Public works at 34 Lakes Blvd, Dayton, NV 89706, phone number 775-246-6220. I am contacted by multiple employees, who then attack me, steal my camera, continue to beat me up and call the police on me. A citizen even helps them out and then claims that no one is threatening me. Do you think this is how they treat all of their customers? Perhaps they should be asked if this is proper protocol. The police met me at gun point, after stopping only three feet in front of me as I was on the phone with 911 asking for assistance with being attacked and having my phone stolen from me. The cop never said anything about my firearm. Instead, he demanded that I drop my phone because he “doesn’t know what’s on it”, and later claimed he fired a gun before which was a cell phone shooting .22LR and 9MM. The police refused to allow me to press charges and arrested me instead. Even after seeing the video they told me no charges will be allowed against the employees nor the other citizen, and he was still taking me to jail. The police kept threatening to draw their guns on me if I picked up my phone to record…even though they let me answer the call from my wife…because they were “afraid it might be a weapon”. They delayed my booking paperwork for five hours so I couldn’t post bail to get out in a reasonable amount of time. To this day I’ve been told by the Lyon Count Sheriff’s Department they refuse to allow me to file a police report against the employees. The best part? I was told it was a citizen arrest! —— County Manager’s Office 27 S. Main Street Yerington, NV 89447 Phone: 775-463-6531