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Just had to bust a car window out to help Trimet Driver save a life


Published on Jan 5, 2018

I was on the 33 bus and me and the bus driver had to spring into action to sace this guys life until fire department arrived… Shit was crazy. I guess the kid stabbed himself in the chest, then slit his own throat🤢 then passed out and smashed into oncoming traffic. So i punched window out to get in the car to apply pressure to his slit wide open throat… Trimet driver thanked me and gave me a wet wipe to wash blood off my hands… Hope that kid is ok😔 Mcloughlin Blvd 01/05/18 HELP KEEP US ON THE ROAD BY DONATING TO OUR GO FUND ME LINK BELOW:… Thanks in Advance. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL PLEASE!! *EMAIL US YOUR STORIES: *LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:…