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Ocoee, Florida police officer accused of shooting into wrong home found guilty

An Ocoee police officer accused of shooting into the wrong house was found guilty, according to a jury.

Two years ago, Carlos Anglero, 34, and another officer answered a disturbance call in the Brookestone subdivision. A dispatcher sent them to the wrong address.

A shooting erupted; no one was hurt, but the officer was put on trial.

Anglero was charged with shooting into the Ocoee home Feb. 6, 2016.

Anglero and Officer Stephanie Roberts had responded to Belhaven Falls Drive for a domestic disturbance, but they were at the wrong house.

Ocoee homeowner Christoper Lewis said someone woke him up around midnight, banging on his door and ringing his doorbell.

Lewis testified he never opened the front door.

He said he got his gun from his bedroom after no one identified themselves.

“I started to dive after the first shot passed my left ear and the left side of my face and smelled the gunpowder,” Lewis said.

The bullets hit the family’s window and went through the wall.

Home surveillance video showed what appears to be an officer with a gun.

Ocoee police Officer Brian Harris, who responded to the scene, identified Anglero as firing the shots, but in cross-examination, the defense had questions.

The state introduced Anglero’s 9 mm Glock handgun into evidence.

Crime scene technicians testified that six shots were fired.

The family was ordered to go outside with their hands up. Lewis said he left his gun inside the home.

The homeowner said he never pointed his gun at anyone or fired it.