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Ocoee, Florida police officer accused of shooting into wrong home found guilty



An Ocoee police officer accused of shooting into the wrong house was found guilty, according to a jury.

Two years ago, Carlos Anglero, 34, and another officer answered a disturbance call in the Brookestone subdivision. A dispatcher sent them to the wrong address.

A shooting erupted; no one was hurt, but the officer was put on trial.

Anglero was charged with shooting into the Ocoee home Feb. 6, 2016.

Anglero and Officer Stephanie Roberts had responded to Belhaven Falls Drive for a domestic disturbance, but they were at the wrong house.

Ocoee homeowner Christoper Lewis said someone woke him up around midnight, banging on his door and ringing his doorbell.

Lewis testified he never opened the front door.

He said he got his gun from his bedroom after no one identified themselves.

“I started to dive after the first shot passed my left ear and the left side of my face and smelled the gunpowder,” Lewis said.

The bullets hit the family’s window and went through the wall.

Home surveillance video showed what appears to be an officer with a gun.

Ocoee police Officer Brian Harris, who responded to the scene, identified Anglero as firing the shots, but in cross-examination, the defense had questions.

The state introduced Anglero’s 9 mm Glock handgun into evidence.

Crime scene technicians testified that six shots were fired.

The family was ordered to go outside with their hands up. Lewis said he left his gun inside the home.

The homeowner said he never pointed his gun at anyone or fired it.

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Activist and Auditors

UPDATE: Palm Springs, California Hero Police Officer Burton, Caught On Video Violating Journalist’s Rights



The Palm Springs Police Department Responds through local media:

Palm Springs Police Department responding to incident shown in Youtube video

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Palm Springs police are addressing a video posted to Youtube this weekend, officials said.

In the video, an unidentified man visits the Palm Springs Police Department and claims to be doing a First Amendment audit to determine if officers are respecting his First Amendment rights.

Here is what Palm Springs Police Public Information Sgt. William Hutchinson said about the incident:

“During this incident, a person claiming to be a First Amendment activist, who visits government facilities and police departments for the purpose of testing the response by officers, was contacted by officers. There’s an exchange of conversation between the officer and individual, and this interaction is the point of concern for those who have responded to or commented on this video,” he said.

Hutchinson said, “The Palm Springs Police Department prides itself on professionalism and like any organization is not void of mistakes.  Chief Bryan Reyes and his staff are aware of the contents in the video and a full review of the incident is underway.”

Hutchinson also said that if it is determined the incident was not handled appropriately by officers, the department will correct the mistakes accordingly.

Here is the video:

comment here at the PSPD Facebook Page :

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Pennsylvania Police Chief Arrested For Being a Pedophile



State agents on Friday arrested a Western Pennsylvania police chief who gained national attention when he lost an arm in a fireworks accident only to return to duty with a prosthetic.

Leechburg police Chief Mike Diebold is charged with unlawful contact with a minor and criminal attempt to commit involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced.

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Sources say Leechburg Chief Diebold was busted at Sheetz parking lot in Lower Burrell this afternoon. Agent posing as 14 yr old girl.

Diebold, 40, allegedly solicited sex from an undercover agent posing online as a 14-year-old girl, Shapiro said. He allegedly sent “inappropriate pictures” to the agent and made plans to meet despite the agent saying she was an underage girl on multiple occasions.

“This case is particularly heinous because the perpetrator is a public official, sworn to serve and protect the community,” Shapiro said.


Agents arrested Diebold on Friday afternoon at the Sheetz in Lower Burrell where the police chief thought he was meeting with the fictional 14-year-old girl for sex.

Sources tell Channel 11 he’s being questioned at the Lower Burrell Police Department.

When Channel 11 went to the Leechburg Police Department for comment, officers there were shocked — they hadn’t yet heard the news.


Leechburg Mayor Wayne Dobos did not immediately return multiple phone calls from Channel 11.

Diebold lost his lower left arm in a fireworks accident last summer. He gained an army of supporters throughout his rehabilitation for his determination to return to duty despite the injury.

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Activist and Auditors




Howdy folks. You know one of the things that I have always found fascinating ever since I first got into this business of conducting First Amendment Audits, is how so many people have this belief that they can control what an individual does on public property.

Ok lets look at something realistically. Cameras are a part of everyday life these days. Anybody that has a cell phone has a video camera. In many cities, such as right here in Santa Maria, California, you walk down the street and there are cameras mounted on light poles that were put in by the city. What are those cameras looking at? Who’s monitoring the footage those cameras are producing? What are they going to do with that footage? A lot of “why’s?” but not a whole lot of answers. Well, I got an answer.


But still you have these bone heads who seem to think that they can control what takes place on public property, such as whether or not you can video record them. A great example of this took place just a few days ago just outside the main entrance of the Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery in Crockett, California.

I recently traveled to the Bay Area so I could meet up with my good friend, and fellow auditor, Matthew from First Amendment Tests and conduct some audits. Truthfully, auditing wasn’t the only reason I found myself in the Bay Area. But I’ll keep this to myself. 😉 Either way, Matthew and I decided to team up and conduct some First Amendment Audits together.

Now before I continue let me point out something. Matthew and his First Amendment Tests channel is one of, if not the single most, biggest reason I became involved in the auditing community. Watching his videos inspired me to get out there and start conducting First Amendment Audits of my own.

The first place that Matthew and myself decided to take a look at was the Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery located in the East Bay community of Crockett. The main reason we chose this particular location was because of an incident that occurred here just a few months earlier during an audit Matthew was conducting of the refinery. In this case Matthew was contacted by two Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputies who attempted to bully him off of public property. One of these deputies, whom I would later run into myself, tried to claim that it was illegal for Matthew to film the refinery under the “Terrorism Code”. Mmmm.

Upon arriving at the Phillips 66 refinery we noticed that there was a lot of activity up at the main entrance. So the two of us decided to post up there. It wasn’t long before we were approached by a hostile, and verbally aggressive, private contractor who seemed extremely agitated that we were filming him driving into the refinery.

Now let me stop for a moment and explain something. Our attention wasn’t even on this particular individual. Instead it was on the activity occurring at the gate, which at this time consisted of vehicles entering and exiting the refinery. So if this bone head had just stayed inside of his vehicle and kept on going about his business, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now. But instead he chose to make our business his business by turning his vehicle around, driving out of the refinery, parking, and then walking across the roadway only so he could stand in front of our cameras and make a fool of himself.

Throughout the encounter this bone head kept trying to claim that we had no right to take his picture. Now think about this for a moment. Does it make sense to stop what your doing only so you can go out of your way to approach someone with a camera and tell them not to take your picture? To me it doesn’t. But hey, if anybody out there knows something I don’t then please don’t hesitate to educate me.

This brings me to another thing I’d like to point out. What could this bone head possibly be hiding to cause him to go berserk over a camera? Does he owe back child support and his doesn’t want the Mother of his children knowing where he works? Is his driver’s license suspended? Does he have a warrant out for his arrest? Could he possibly be a registered sex offender?

In the end the only thing this bone head could do was the old walk of shame. But it wasn’t long before deputies from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene, one of which was the same deputy who had hassled Matthew just a few months earlier.

This deputy, who looked as though he had just graduated from the Skinhead Academy in Northern Idaho, tried to claim that there were signs posted up and down the road stating that we couldn’t stop, park, or be where we were. First of all, we weren’t parked. Second, there were no such signs posted anywhere stating that we couldn’t be where we were. There were signs indicating that the refinery was private property and that there was to be no trespassing. But we were not on Phillips 66 property. Instead we were standing on public easement. I guess Deputy Dumb doesn’t understand the difference between private property and public easement.

In the end the only thing that Deputy Dumb and his partner could do was get back into their patrol vehicles and do the old drive of shame. Of course they did so without thanking Matthew and I for the free education they received that day. But hey, some folks are just unappreciative.

But what all of this brings me to is one single question. When are people finally going to understand that PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME? Thank you for reading and I look forward to bringing you more news from the First Amendment Audit community in the future.

1st Amendment Audit, Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery: Contractor Goes Berserk Over A Camera


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