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WATCH: Las Vegas Cops Plot and Attack Journalist Who Refused to Identify, GARTH NADER/TOM ZEBRA

10 November 2017, Las Vegas Nevada Mitch Crooks (Garth Nader) and Daniel Saulmon (Tom Zebra) team up to cover the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, after Mitch told Daniel about the LVMPD’s hatred for citizens documenting their activities.  The video starts with the pair discussing the lack of response to the use of Daniel’s new DJI quadcopter, only to have them respond to them taking picture of their “command post

This video is from Daniel and includes LVMPD radio traffic that documents that this had zero to do with Mitch and his bike and everything to do with Mitch telling the cops he does not answer questions.


This video is from Mitch’s iPhone, he was using it to illuminate his path as required by  Nevada State Law when he was tackled and slammed to the ground.

Mitch was charged with not having a white light on his bike and resisting arrest, you can clearly see in the video that as usual, the LVMPD is Lying, AGAIN.