WATCH: Colorado Cops Do Not Understand That a Sign Reading “Fuck Bad Cops” Is Not a Crime

12 December 2017 at City Hall of Englewood, Colorado, Eric Bradt who is known for his “Fuck bad Cops” Signs, Banners, Flags, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by an officer claiming his words both written and spoken were criminal and that he would be arrested.  Eric attempted to comply by removing the hoodie with the words written on the front of only to realize that now his arm was not a problem because tattooed on it are the very same words the police officer found so unlawful.  The cops are going to find themselves in a position were their indefensible actions will become costly to their employers. Stupid and Spiteful Government Employees are expensive. Eric has had similar issues in the past and has come out on top, I have no doubt he will prevail.