Portland Oregon, The Land That Forgot Freedom and Liberty. Just ask Eli F. Richey (Son Of Hightower)

Portland, Oregon is city that should have their act together, yet the have it all twisted. Somehow the city is able to employ individuals that simply create crimes that never occurred and then force Journalists to face these phony charges in front of Judges that are no better than those filing the charges.  The Whole System in Portland and for that matter Oregon is upside down and twisted, don’t believe, do the research for yourself or simply ask those who have faced this system time and time again.

Here is Eli F. Richey‘s latest video :

If you watch Mr. Richey’s videos, you will learn that he is known by those who are employees or the Portland Police Bureau as are Robert West, Mike Bluehair and Chris Ponte, all are known for the subject matter they report on.

Somehow theses employees are either complicit in these acts or they are simply incompetent to serve in their employed capacity , in any case it is likely both.

Understand that the issues at hand are not about hating the Law Enforcement and those employed in Law Enforcement, the issues are the total lack of accountability, the waste as result of the lack of accountability and exposing those who are doing nothing to address the issue, when it is their chosen role to do so.

We are working on making the Citizens aware that their employees are wasting their hard earned monies not fighting against Public Corruption, but are committing acts of Public Corruption Daily.

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