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News Now Houston: Seabrook,Tx.= Police Dept-Civil Rights Violation (Ad Friendly Video)


Published on Nov 2, 2017

While on a CallOut for a Mainstream Media Org I was harassed by Sgt Douglas of the Seabrook PD. Sidewalk is open to the public,so long as they are not holding a camera-so she says. Seabrook PD and I have bumped heads in the past-they are known to hire substandard Officers that like to power trip and abuse Citizens Rights at will-and the Chief will protect these Officers even when they commit crimes. For those who wish to express their concerns about this PD and its Officers-contact info follows… Chief of Police Sean Wright @ 281-291-5609 Mayor Thom Kolupski @281-291-5663 City Mngr Gayle Cook @ 281-291-5688