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News Now Houston: Abilene,Tx.=Police Dept & Taylor County Sheriff Dept (Ad Friendly Video)

Published on Oct 31, 2017


So,after my encounter with Taylor County Sheriff Dept at the County Jail-I went on to Amarillo. My intention was to return to Houston via Oklahoma once done there. But I got an email from an Abilene Police Officer telling me that all Officers had been warned about me and given info about me (car I drive-how I dress-etc) and told not to engage me if I turned up around town. Now I know the smart Officers will follow that directive without question. I also know that some moron will take that as a challenge and come after me if/when I show up in town. My problems up to this point had been with the Sheriffs Dept so I was shocked that Abilene PD chose to interject themselves into the frey. The “Inside Source” told me they were also aware of and monitoring my Bambuser livestreams. So,I headed back home via Abilene. I stopped along the way and did audits-making sure to livestream to Bambuser so they could track me and know when I would show up in town-literally,my last audit before showing up at Abilene PD was just 10 minutes out of town. This video depicts what I found upon turning up at the PD. Abilene PD Chief of Police Stan Standridge @ 325-676-6600 or email at Donate to the cause and help keep me on the road-just follow one of these links (THANKS!!!)= or if you like PayPal use email address