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Nevada Held Accountable: Illegal detainment by Lieutenant and Sergeant while filming from public property.

Published on Nov 2, 2017

On 10/28/2017 while filming on public property Sergeant Reyes personnel number 13129 and his Lieutenant illegally detained me and the lieutenant continuously pointed his spotlight at my eyes and camcorder as an intimidation tactic. Sergeant Reyes said it was their policy to do so. The lieutenant and his sergeant Illegally detained me and said I “aggressively approached his vehicle” and that he “feared for his life”. You can see in the video as I pan down that I was at least 10 feet away from his cruiser that was following me around the parking lot. Out of fear for my safety, I identified myself. As they asked for more info, I stated the N.R.S. 171.123 and Hiibel v. Nevada and they told me to leave the property which I refused.