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Mitch Crooks Attacked By Las Vegas Police, Black Coat Media Responds

Mitch Crooks who is known as one of the “Original Cop Watchers” was out with Daniel Saulmon aka Tom Zebra, on Friday November 10,2017 when they encountered members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department    . As a result of this contact Mr. Crooks was assaulted, arrested and charged with trespass, from property he never entered nor was he on when he was arrested.  Here is the playlist of the individuals who responded in support of Mr. Crooks.

Mr. Crooks is represented by The Hemming Firm and he will be seeking a civil remedy to this as well as a dismissal of the bogus criminal charges.  The videos of the incident are being held under advice of attorney as it shows the reality and shows the events before, during and after, as seeing that Law Enforcement’s creative writing abilities are often corrected once the videos are made public. ‘