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Mike Bluehair : Oregon DA tries to strip cop watcher of Right to Film police

The Oregon Legislature modified our constitution to clearly Codify into law our constitutional right to film police discharge their duties in public. On 3/28/2016 cop watcher Robert West, alias uncle Bob was Arrested At a SWAT Scene where a man with a rifle was having a mental health crisis. Luckily the man nor any of the officers were hurt during those tense few hours. Bob was fraudulently arrested as he tried to document the events that went on that day. A few days later in┬ácourt The DA Tries and Fails to have the court order Bob to stay 150 feet away from All police officers. The Portland district attorneys office has a long history of harassment and punitive bails set against cop watchers for a very long time now. Portland’s district attorney office is also constantly trying to finagle cop watchers into insane jail release conditions and restrictions on our right to document police. All these punitive actions achieve is further bolstering are resolve to hold our public servants accountable for their actions!