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High Desert Community News Network: Visits the Southern California Logistics Airport (Victorville)

Out in the High Desert of Southern California sits a once busy and now re-purposed United States Air Force Base (George AFB) now named Southern California Logistics Airport .

It now is home to a massive storage facility that has an untold number of former commercial aircraft, that are simply parked.  This area is open to the public and it offers views of the surrounding terrain and a unique opportunity to see a whole bunch of planes parked.  The behavior displayed by the individuals in the video is unfortunately the norm, simply a bunch of scared people who waste the tax payers hard earned monies simply because they do not understand that Photography and Videography is not a crime and persons simply engaging in protected activities should simply be left alone.
The San Bernardino County Sheriffs are a hard bunch to teach and High desert Community New Network knows this first hand.  As he he has been harassed, arrested , assaulted and falsely charged by employees of this agency only to have the charges beat in court.
If you feel so inclined to contact the Sheriff’s office do so and feel free to express you support and or displeasure with this or any interactions you desire.