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WATCH: Long Beach Airport Police Interferes With Citizen Journalist, ” CALIFORNIA GUARDIAN”

12 Oct 2017, Long Beach California

California Guardian started off his morning at the City of Long Beach Police Department Training Center, home of their “Police Academy” , he was there to document the double standard or as some call it ” Blue Privilege ” of Law Enforcement Officers and their personal vehicles.  In this case it is the application of window tint.  CG was documenting car after car of police trainees rolling in and the majority were in violation of California Vehicle Code . A few minutes into it a unmarked unit rolls into a parking space and begins to question CG.

As you could see no real issues with the interaction, no one interfered of really bothered him.

California Guardian traveled to the Long Beach Municipal Airport, the motto for the airport is “Where The Going Is Easy” and began to document the entryway and the exterior of the terminal and after a short time, Long Beach Airport Police Officer B. Ware begins his display of unprofessionalism and rights interference.

The City of Long Beach employees have been featured many times and one would think that they or their bosses would eventually get the message,

 “Photography Is Not A Crime”