WATCH: Florida Cops Attack Disabled Man After He Reached For His Cane


Corey L Bracken

August 12

In my life at 38 years old, I have had over 100 encounters with law enforcement. Primarily during the last 7 years while essentially living outdoors without any income while being denied veteran benefits (I do not have a dishonorable discharge from the United States Navy), being denied disability benefits, and jobs due to my honesty with potential employers about my physical impairments and limitations.

Some have been routine checking on who I am or perhaps ensuring the campsite/motel/hotel was in fact rented to my person or someone with the party of people. The majority of the interactions have pertained to the rights of the disabled that utilize service canines and other means of reasonable accommodation for personal accessibility. And the abundance of ignorance involved with those matters.

99.9% of those experiences, even the occasion being asked to leave a property for panhandling were of an enlightening demeanor.

The officer in this video was in fact 5 miles away from his jurisdiction.

I asked if I was being detained or accused of a crime, he replied “no”.

That is legally the end of the interaction.

He then preceded to come physically at my person in an aggressive manner.

He did illegally confiscate my phone.

They have not been diligent in return communication.

He did wrongfully impound my vehicle, he did wrongfully impound my service canines.

He does not need a badge. He either needs to resign or retire and potentially face criminal charges for his behavior, potentially the officer needs to be charged with 775.084, 775.083, or 775.082. Also applicable is 787.01 as armed robbery as described by the Florida Statute. The 784.045 can also be applicable.

He had no legal grounds to contact my person.

I was tased for no reason while attempting to eat a sandwich purchased through the drive thru at Wendy’s.

In this video you can see the officer threatening me, and manhandling my person as I reached for my cane between my seats.

Previous to my camera being on I attempted to inform him that I have mobility impairments. It’s also apparent that I was parked in a handicap parking spot.

He ordered the other officer to tase me. He refused.

In the officer’s bodycam footage, it will show him telling the other officer, “if you’re not going to tag him, I will!!!”

His situational awareness was not directed by correct discretion.

I am prepared to contact ALL law enforcement agencies of previous contact, to validate what I am talking about…there was no grounds for arrest, no grounds for contact, and no grounds for the entire event to take place.

In short he did not have probable cause.


So the prosecutor is not pursuing the charges against me, now what about the officer?

Aggravated battery, aggravated kidnapping, armed robbery, and theft of service canines?

I mean seriously he tased me and wrongfully imprisoned me. That’s beyond excessive force.

We Will Be Reaching Out to Mr. Bracken and Will Provide All the Video and Documents Related to the incident.