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TOM ZEBRA: Handcuffed Detained Hours – Traffic Stop

Published on Oct 28, 2017

Is there any limit to police authority? In case you didn’t know the 1st amendment 2nd 4th and 6th amendments are all little more than a distant memory. What good is a 4th amendment that does nothing to protect you on the street? Only months later do you get to talk about your 4th amendment rights to a judge who already decided you lose. Actually the SCOTUS decided that you lose ahead of time and your local judge is the messenger. Did you think the judge was actually paying attention to your case? Not unless you have an attorney capable of laying the foundation for an appeal. If you aren’t capable of filing a proper appeal the judge has very little reason to be honest in your case. This will be his response…”I will allow it” when faced with police dishonesty. The 4th is completely ineffective and police use standard policy and procedures to step right over and around it. What about the 2nd amendment? False. In California you can’t use the 2nd without going to jail and having your property seized. The 6th is your right to a jury trial of your peers. Instead you get a jury of the courts peers or the police officers peers. If you have ever been a defendant you are unlikely to be invited to jury trial and if you were you would likely opt out…leaving your neighbors and fellow citizens unprotected from runaway incompetent jurors. With that out of the way, I have very little to complain about compared to other folks in my community and in even poorer communities than I live in. What do you have to say? Make a comment with your thoughts if you have read this entire description. Thanks.