California Man Calls Police for Assistance, Instead Of Getting Help He Was Beaten and Abused

On or about the evening of April 25, 2017 Ramiro Huerta, 41, of Strathmore,California  phoned
the Porterville Police Department (Porterville P.D.) to report suspicious activity outside his
residence Huerta was informed by the Porterville P.D. dispatcher that Strathmore was outside the
jurisdiction of the Porterville P.D. Huerta complained over a series of phone calls to Porterville and
asked to speak with the supervising sergeant. Huerta was finally informed that Porterville P.D.
would not respond to the complaint. Shortly thereafter, Huerta went to bed, as did his elderly
 Approximately one hour later, Mr. Huerta and his mother were awakened by pounding
on his front door. He and his mother went to the front of the house and opened the inner door,
leaving the barred screen door in place. Uniformed Sheriff’s deputies were outside the door,
demanding that Mr. Huerta come out of the house. The Sheriff’s deputies mocked Mr. Huerta and accused
him of “hiding behind his mother.” The officers were clearly there to teach Huerta a lesson. Huerta
and his mother were frightened. Huerta and his mother informed the deputies and officers that
nothing was wrong, and that they did not wish to open the secured screen door as there was no
The officers then appeared to leave the premises. Huerta and his mother observed
their tail lights as they purportedly left the scene. Huerta then opened the screen door to lock the
family’s front gate. As Huerta walked into the front yard, he was tackled from behind by an officer
who had been hiding in the bushes outside Huerta’s residence. Other officers shortly joined the
officer who had surreptitiously tackled Huerta. What unfolded subsequently was a severe beating
for Huerta.

 Huerta was dragged into the living room of his residence and repeatedly punched
and kicked in the face by numerous officers with heavy boots. In addition, he was struck repeatedly
with batons. Huerta was then handcuffed and dragged into the front yard of his residence, where
he was pepper sprayed, again while in handcuffs. Huerta was then lifted up and taken to the back
of a police cruiser where he was again repeatedly punched and beaten in the face.

Sheriff Boudreaux